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  1. الحمد لله من قاع الارض الى عنان السماء الحمد لله حمدا تطيب به الحياة و يرتاح به الفؤاد ☺🌹😊🤲🏻 اشكروا الله على جميع احوالكم لانه ان اعطاكم فمن كرمه و ان حرمكم فلحكمة منه سبحانه (و بشر الصابرين)🌹☺🌺

  2. بدو ابو اليلا
    ويرد العامل😊🤣🤣🤣
    يطلع حولو وحوالي يرد يقول بدوياك
    يرد يقول بدوياني انا بلا انا 😂😂😂
    روعة سورين❤
    مافي منهم💛💚
    انا حلبي وشامي وحمصي 💜💔
    ودرعاوي وحموي💔
    ودلبي وديري ❤

  3. Introducing Fantasy Royale!

    FREE EMOTES? A chance to win a part of 1 MILLION GEMS? Keep reading!

    We’ve brought fantasy sports to the Clash Royale League with Fantasy Royale, which will start in-game on November 19, in the News Royale Esports tab. 

    ​What is Fantasy Royale?

    Create your own team of four CRL players and compare their December 1st World Finals performance with others, to see who ends up earning the most Crowns.


    Simply by picking a Fantasy Team you will earn four brand new Emotes FOR FREE! The Emotes will be added to your account, through an in-game pop-up, within a few hours of setting your fantasy team.

    These Emotes are only available through Fantasy Royale for now, but may appear in the shop at a later time.


    The scoring in Fantasy Royale works by counting the amount of Crowns CRL players earn during the World Finals on December 1st. If your Fantasy Team earns the most Crowns, you will win a part of the 1 million Gem prize pool, shared evenly amongst all with the top result. 

    The top scores will be visible in-game, in the News Royale Esports tab. The Gems will be awarded to the winners the week after the World Finals.

    Good luck, and may the best Fantasy Team win!

    The Clash Royale Team

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